The idea for Subtle Inversion was born when songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Gavin Goszka was introduced to the world of Japanese vocaloid singers through the music of Hatsune Miku. Gavin had been writing pop-based music of his own for quite some time, but had yet to find an effective outlet for much of it. He felt an immediate connection with the vocaloid technology and began to investigate which singer might be the best fit for his writing. That search did not last long. The mature, versatile Megurine Luka seemed like a natural choice, especially since she could sing in English as well as Japanese. Cementing that decision was the fact that Gavin lacked the proficiency needed to translate his lyrics into Japanese – he had only started learning the language on his own a year before.

Work on what was to become the project’s debut album, Kaleidoscope, began in December of 2009, and continued well into the spring of the following year. All of the music on the album was composed specifically with Luka and her existing fanbase in mind. Gavin was adamant about incorporating the energy and spirit of fun that pervaded so much of Japanese pop music, and although the album was originally intended to be strictly electronica with no traditional rock instrumentation, many of the songs simply demanded otherwise. Rather than try to force them into a preconceived mold, he let the arrangements develop in ways that seemed most natural, resulting in a mix of strongly-electronic tracks interspersed with those that utilized electric guitar and a standard drum set.

The fact that Gavin had never mixed or produced an album of this nature before proved quite challenging and ended up delaying its release for several months. Looking back on it now as a “great learning experience,” he feels that the decision to remix literally every track from scratch was the best possible one he could have made, despite it being a difficult pill to swallow at the time. “I knew we’d be missing the chance to sell it at several larger anime conventions, including Anime North,” he says, “but it just wasn’t quite where I felt it should be.”

In 2012, the project was put on indefinite hold, with Gavin citing “a lack of clear creative direction” for all of his musical endeavors. “I was at a point where I felt I had to keep working on something – otherwise there would have been this great void that I wasn’t sure how to fill,” he states. The time away proved fruitful, and with a renewed sense of purpose and vision, the project recently signed newcomer Avanna on as its primary vocalist. No official announcements have been made regarding a new album.

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